Brown Kraft Paper

Product Overview

Kraft paper rolls enabling the wrapping and packing for safe transportation. The quality of the product gives a lovely traditional look (perfect for presents and Christmas gifts) and its high tear resistance makes it very durable. It is a popular choice for local Post Office outlets.

Available size are:

  • 39gsm Kraft Roll – 500mm x 510mm
    Product Code: KR50040
  • 70gsm Kraft Roll – 500mm x 275mm
    Product Code: KR50070
  • 70gsm Kraft Roll – 750mm x 275mm
    Product Code: KR750
  • 70gsm Kraft Roll – 900mm x 275mm
    Product Code: KR900
  • 88gsm Kraft Roll – 900mm x 215mm
    Product Code: KR90088

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