Product Overview

Our natural hog and sheep casings are formed to achieve a consistent and uniform end product. It is perfect for users who want products such as chipolatas, salami, pepperoni or any other air-dried products. As the casings keep their shape from end to end, there is no wastage.

Available in the following specifications:

  • Vac Packed (Bundle) – Pack Quantity 10 Bundles (1 Bucket)
    Product Code: BSHCVAC (Hog)
    Product Code: SHEEPCASING (Sheep)
  • Spooled (Bundle) -Pack Quantity 10 Bundles (1 Bucket)
    Product Code: BSHCSPO (Hog)
    Product Code: BSSCSPOOL (Sheep)
  • Zipped (2 bundles to a net) – Pack Quantity 10 Nets (1 Bucket)
    Product Code: ZIPHOG
    Product Code: ZIPSHEEP

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