Cutter Box Foil & Wrapmaster Refill Rolls

Product Overview

Our cutter box and wrapmaster refill foils are suitable for all catering and commercial food preparation needs. As well as wrapping and covering foods, it can also line fridges, freezers and be used for lining trays during cooking.

The roll is easy to use and dispenses with ease, making it a perfect choice for all catering needs.

Foil with cutter box available in the following size:

  • 18″ / 450mm – Pack size – 1 roll
    Product Code: ACF-18

    Wrapmaster refills available in the following sizes:
  • 12″ / 300mm – Pack size – 3 rolls
    Product Code: ACF20/RF
  • 18″ / 400mm – Pack size – 2 rolls
    Product Code: ACF21/RF

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